Youth Pride

Saturday, June 26th

We are extremely excited to bring back Youth Pride in 2021! This digital event will feature some of the same elements we provided for the youth during the in person event: guest appearances by influencers and activists, musical and dance performances, segments featuring local & national non profits and more!

LGBTQ+ History

Stonewall Forever Documentary

Stonewall Forever brings together queer activists, experienced and new, to look at the movement for LGBTQ equality before, during and after Stonewall. It highlights trans people, people of color and homeless people who were at the forefront of the movement, and who have often been erased from the narrative. It explores how the activism of today stands on the shoulders of the activists who have come before. And it asks us all to recognize the legacy of Stonewall that remains today, when the struggle for queer rights is far from over.